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Opr. Dr.

Soner Düzgüner

With 15 years of expertise in the field of obstetrics and gynecology, Dr. Soner Düzgüner has been focusing particularly on IVF treatment for the past 5 years. He is experienced in various other specialties, including laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, myomectomy, cyst surgeries, and genital aesthetic surgeries. Through his work in the field of IVF treatment, he has successfully completed the treatments of patients from over 60 countries.

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May 2024

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IVF, is a reproductive treatment method for couples who are unable to conceive naturally. In this procedure, eggs are retrieved from the woman's ovaries and fertilized with the man's sperm in a laboratory setting to create embryos. These embryos are then transferred to the woman's uterus to achieve a chance of pregnancy. IVF treatment serves as a source of hope for couples facing various reasons for infertility.

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Women's Health

Women's health encompasses medical, preventive, rehabilitative, and supportive services aimed at preserving women's lifelong health, preventing diseases, and providing early diagnosis and treatment. Our women's health services include regular check-ups, gynecological examinations, screening tests (such as breast cancer screening, cervical cancer screening), contraception and family planning methods, menopause management, sexual health counseling and treatment, reproductive health, and many other services.

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Gynecology involves the diagnosis and surgical interventions related to the female reproductive system. Gynecological procedures are required for abnormalities and diseases that occur in gynecological organs such as the uterus (fibroids, adenomyosis, uterine adhesions), ovaries (endometriosis, dermoid cysts), cervix (precancerous lesions), and vagina (discharge, itching complaints). Gynecological surgeries are an effective method in the treatment of conditions that threaten health or in resolving fertility issues.

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Genital Aesthetics

Genital aesthetics refers to surgical or non-surgical interventions aimed at improving the appearance and functionality of women's genital organs. Genital aesthetic procedures include labiaplasty (correction of the outer labia), vaginoplasty (vaginal tightening), hoodoplasty (clitoral aesthetics), hymenoplasty (hymen repair), and perinoplasty (repair of the vaginal entrance area). Genital aesthetic surgeries are sought for reasons such as natural changes in anatomical structure, postpartum effects, trauma, or personal preferences.

Miracle Makers

'Soner Hocam, who is very precious to me, whom I met at a very risky period of my life, who treated me in the best way and made me comfortable in the last 5 years. Happy Medical Day to you and all our valuable physicians in the health sector. I am glad you all exist. I believe you are always in prayers. May you live long. WITH RESPECT...

S*** S***

I congratulate you very much on this issue, in my 7-year treatment process, no one told me that you are a candidate mother, you can be a mother, but we came to you in October 2020 and in the first examination you told me that you are a candidate mother and you can be a mother, these sentences made me very happy and I became pregnant as a result of your 3-month treatment and my miracle baby is 3 months old.

S*** A***

Now on the 9th day beta hcg value, the comment you made for me never leaves my mind, it always comes to my mind when I get stressed, my Soner teacher said the live birth rate according to the beta hcg value, it is my biggest source of relief that nothing will happen, thanks to that sentence you have established, we have been 21 weeks old and we are excitedly waiting for the day we will embrace with health and well-being.

E*** A*** Ç***

We are grateful to you for making us experience this feeling with your friendly and sincere nurse, who is with us in this process and does more than she can do and is with us as a moral motivation, who does not create any question marks in our minds in any way, thank you very much for everything.

M*** A*** E***

What beautiful work you are doing, you are distributing hope, you are distributing happiness, you have sprouted hope again in hearts (including mine) that have lost hope for years. May your path always be clear with your cute balas and your family

A*** T***

May Allah grant you a healthy life. Endless thanks to Allah and to you that He has blessed us! We wish you success in this honorable profession in which you bring joy and happiness to families, may you have more such beautiful shares.

G*** H***

I am also included in that patient group, I am a translacation carrier, I had four miscarriages, I had a healthy daughter, thanks to you, thanks to the genetic separation method, now I have a healthy son, now two months old, thank you for everything Soner Bey

G*** Y***

No encounter is a coincidence. Happily, you came along and you have been very good to us on this journey, even if for a short time. I am sure that this new beginning will lead to great happiness, may you smile as much as you are worth.

E*** Y***

Hello Hocam, when you worked in Bahçelievler state hospital, you contributed a lot to me, I am happy to see you here, always exist, thank you, may your path always lead to goodness.

S*** Ö***

Baby Eva Maria is one of the lucky ones to have you as her doctor and I wish you continued success, just like my son Teo. Teoman's mom Semra

A*** E*** K***

Dear teacher, your efforts cannot be paid. I cannot describe the feeling I experienced at that moment. I was influenced by one of your posts and chose your team. I'm glad I did. You have healed us. God bless you.

B*** Ç***

We are not saying "let them go", we are saying that we are glad you are with us, we are glad you exist. We thank you very much for your labor, your presence, your knowledge, your humanity. Happy Medical Holiday, Soner Hocam. Thousands of thanks for sacrificing your day and night and choosing this profession.

S*** K***

success hodja, first of all, thanks to God and then thanks to you, I had a girl and a boy twins, we are very happy, hodja, may God be with you always.

F*** Ç***

There are so many things to write aslında Whenever I was in despair on this long road, I believed that there would be beauties with your positive energy, and I am glad that I believed, now I am living with indescribable emotions and I am excited to meet each other with my 3.5-month-old baby bekliyoruz I am grateful to you and your dear team

A*** A***T***

A doctor's communication language is one of the factors that will affect the faith and strength of couples in this process. As a physician, we thank you for your sensitivity and positive attitude to instill that strength in your patients.

Z*** S***

I always say "you are doing the most beautiful job in the world".

A*** T***

With your efforts to make us experience this sacred feeling, you are beautifying both your world and your hereafter. May your work go well. May Allah be pleased with you all.

T*** Y***

I cannot thank you and your team enough for helping me achieve my dream of motherhood. I wish you continued success.

M*** K***

Good day Mr. Doctor, our son Kerem came to the world on April 19. We would like to thank you and your teammates for your interest and positive energy during our treatment. We will always remember your name with gratitude, with love.

İnstagram Yorumu

Dear teacher, today is November 1st. We had met you last year today. You realized that it was my birthday and celebrated it, and I said to myself what a careful doctor this would be. And today I have my baby in my arms, whose treatment, follow-up and transfer you undertook. Today is an important day for him too, he has become a Turkish citizen and his name has been registered Kutalmış. As long as I live, I will remember you with respect and gratitude on every birthday.

İnstagram Yorumu

Good day Mr. Soner, first thanks to God and then thanks to you, we held our baby in our arms and thank you very much again for your efforts.

İnstagram Yorumu

Hello Hocam, you decided to transfer on December 11 last year, we are in our 4th month, we had a sweet daughter, I am glad we got to know you. We shared a lot, we had very difficult days and you supported us a lot. Inshallah we will come to visit you in your new place, I am glad you exist

İnstagram Yorumu

Hello Hocam, I would like to thank you again today, first to God and then with your help, I and my wife were blessed to taste the smell of a son, thank you very much for everything.

İnstagram Yorumu

Degerli Hocam. Bugün günlerden 1 Kasım. Sizinle geçen sene bugün tanismistik. Dogum günüm oldugunu farkedip kutlamistiniz. Ben de ne kadar dikkatli bir doktor, bu is olur demiştim içimden. Ve bu gün kucağımda tedavisini, takibini, transferini sizin üstlendiginiz bebegim var. Bugün onun için de önemli bir gün: T.C. vatandasi oldu. ismi de tescillendi Kutalmis'in. Yaşadığım sürece her dogum günümde sizi saygı ve minnetle hatirlayacagim.

S*** G***

Merhaba hocam geçen sene 11 Aralik'ta transferine karar vermistiniz biz 4. Ayimizdayiz böyle tatlis kizimiz oldu iyiki sizi tanimisiz çok sey paylastik çok zor günler yasadik bize çok destek oldunuz sizi ins yeni yerinizde ziyaret etmeye gelecegiz müsait bir zamanda iyiki varsiniz

T*** M***

Soner Hocam gerçekten hiç umudum yokken karsilastik sizinle. Ama sizinle tanistigimiz gün esim de ben de dedik "oldu bu is " kapidan girerken nasil umutsuzsam, o kapidan cikarken de bir o kadar umut doluydum. Genetik test sonucunun haberini de siz vermistiniz. O halimi görmenizi isterdim simdi o minik embriyo 33 haftayı doldurdu ve 23 Ocak'ta aramiza katilacak. Siz ve o güzel ekip sayesinde biz de bu mutlulugu yasayacagiz Cok ama çok tesekkür ederiz binlerce kez. lyi ki varsiniz ve hep varolun.

D*** Z***

Merhaba hocam bugün tekrardan sizlere ok tesekkür ederim once Allah sonra sizin yardimlarinizla bana ve esime evlat kokusunu tatmak nasip oldu iyiki sizi tanimak nasip oldu oglumuz biraz büyüsün elinizi opturmeye getirecegiz hersey için ok tesekkür ederim soner hocam

T*** I***

Hayirli aksamlar hocam bugun kIzimiz sultanin dogum günü On bes sene sonra kiz babasi oldum bugun dogum günù tarifi edilmez bir mutluluk Allah sizlerden ekibinizden razi olsun allah evladinizi sizlere bagislasin basarilar diliyorum..

G*** T***

Hayirli akşamlar hocam bugun kizimiz sultanin dogum günü On beş sene sonra kiz babasi oldum bugun dogum günü tarifi edilmez bir mutluluk Allah sizlerden ekibinizden razi olsun allah evladinizi sizlere bagislasin basarilar diliyorum....

F*** Y***

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