Do Food Supplements Increase the Chance of IVF Success?

The most important factor that directs us to food supplements; "Let me use something orally and get better" may also be that this method of use is the most practical and effortless This is true because everything we take into our body affects our metabolism and although we are the first responsible for this, we live with a habitual diet according to our age from the moment we are born. However, hundreds or even thousands of years ago, the diet was not like this.
For those who ask how it was, you can benefit from this article titled "The Evolution of Diet - National Geographic". Most of us are curious about the amount of vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc. in the food we eat and what we need, right?
But when we feel healthy, we think that we fulfil our needs.

Ancak üreme fonksiyonlarımızın doğru devam etmesi için ihtiyacımızın ne olduğunu nasıl anlayacağız? Tam da bu noktada bilime başvurmamız şart
Ben de Cochrane kütüphanesini, ASRM ve ESHRE kuruluşlarının yayınlarını kendim ve sizin için taradım.

  • Long-chain omega-3 fatty acids appear to improve female fertility.
  • Vitamin D does not appear to play an important role in human fertility in the absence of deficiency.
  • Supplemental folic acid intake at doses higher than recommended, especially for the prevention of neural tube defects, has been consistently associated with a lower frequency of infertility, a lower risk of pregnancy loss and greater success in infertility treatment.
  • Adherence to healthy diets that favour seafood, whole grains, fruits and vegetables is associated with better fertility in women and better semen quality in men.

Milk and soya, once suggested to be toxic substances for reproduction, have not been associated with poor fertility In fact, soya and soya supplements appear to have a beneficial effect on women undergoing infertility treatment CoQ10 supplementation (during in-vitro maturation) appears to increase egg maturation rates in older women and reduce the risk of embryos with defective chromosomes after fertilisation with sperm, The use of herbal mixtures, on the other hand, is a very risky area. What is in it, how much it is, what kind of reaction can develop when they come together scares me. Those who want can use it, I am not completely against it, if one out of 1000 people will benefit, why not.

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